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E3X Global is very proud to present WAVE. E3X Global WAVE is the mobile development and innovation brand name where all targeted mobile developments will take place. We decided to develop this kind of innovation because we noticed that our target markets are now using devices to implement numerous stuffs. But with the help of mobile innovation, such problem will be easy to resolve.

One of company’s main objectives is to offer services which bring exceptional visibility as well as disparity to all our clients. By means of our understandable and logical messaging solutions, E3XGlobal provides viable and aggressive edge, the mobile innovation of E3X Global.

Mobile Innovation brought to you by E3X Global is a manifestation of continuous and unwavering dedication and excellence of E3X Global WAVE. We have been paying specific attention to creative solutions to provide high quality services and absolute satisfaction to our valuable clients.

Better Process of Connectivity and Billing

It can help a person to start a new business in the online market with the use of a mobile phone. In this marketing strategy, a business owner will be given a chance to promote a set of products or services to several people without spending a lot of efforts. They can use simple SMS to charge their clients and inform more people about your new products and services. Mobile device serves as instrument of individual while sending important advertisements to group of consumers in the different parts of a country or even in the other parts of this world when necessary. Customers and business owners can communicate via WAVE.

SMS is being executed with the use of some informative SMS messages that are being disseminated to several individuals with the help of mobile devices like smartphones. This marketing strategy was proven effective by many people these past few months because of the fact that it can reach thousands of people in just few seconds.

People can use this platform in different ways including from voting to reading news updates or promotions to bulk sale promotions and more. The company has elite mobile billing solutions that use IVR Payment Premium SMS and WAP billing options.

Good Mobile Content Solutions

Aside from communication purposes, you can also use mobile phone whenever you need some information. You just need to contact us when you need range of content solutions. We cater entertainment and information translated in several languages.  This technology allows more people to get updates on things they find interesting.  Business owners can use this platform to find their target products and services in the online market with the use of some mobile devices. This technology is accessible only in mobile phones with internet connection.

Mobile Service Platforms

E3X Global is proud to be the owner of “Akashvahini” which is known to be world’s first shared, personalized and real time IVR platform and efficient MS platforms “AXON”. These innovations aim to give international mobile information services to people.  E3X Global is proud that these innovations brought so much convenience to people.

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