TALKEE Push-to-talk

Talkee is a simple wireless connectivity solution presenting a push-to-talk (PTT) concept similar to that of conventional UHF/VHF radios but instead, over cellular network.

Conventional UHF/VHF radios offer limited coverage. Extended coverage requires base station repeaters to be set up, for which expensive infrastructure needs to be put in place. Our solution offers the same functionality with the push-to-talk (PTT) concept over cellular network, offering virtually unlimited coverage.

The Talkee also eliminates the hassle of dialling numbers, connecting wires or sharing network connections. It offers instant one-to-one or one-to-many reliable voice and data communications that can be used in a multitude of corporate settings. It is guaranteed to offer enhanced business operations through greater efficiency, productivity and quick connectivity.



Advantages of PTT Over Cellular

Extended coverage – virtually unlimited range of operation

Integrated GPS tracking/monitoring

High-quality voice transmission

Low latency – Exceptional efficiency

Easy-to-implement solution

Cloud-based back-end control centre

Expanded information – Online hosting of historic data (broadcasted messages and location data) up to 3 months

Scalable to suit needs of individual client

Enhanced coordination of business operations

To download our Talkee Command Centre Software or the Comparison Sheet click the respective links below.

Talkee Command Center v3.5.3

ZIP | 8.67MB

Talkee Comparison Sheet

PDF | 230KB

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