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AngelX is an innovative corporate digital marketing and promotions brand specializing in providing our clients with cutting-edge turn-key solutions to achieve their target markets. How AngelX differs from the standard digital marketing firm is that our innovation is inspired and geared to provide solutions that surpasses the standard offerings that are readily available in the industry.

Through a careful selection process, our portfolio of products and services are crafted to cater to the growing “smart” generation. By infusing cutting-edge technology in our delivery, we empower our clients to both disrupt standard marketing practices and reach your true market potential by reaching previously-untapped gaps.

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Solutions for the smart generation

Our solutions are unique and create an impact with the “smart” generation, through careful integration of delivery through cutting-edge technology


Our Products & Services

  • Digital Advertising on Premises: Smart Screens
    Smart screens that are remotely controlled through our Content Management System (CMS).


  • KOYATM Lifestyle Products
    KOYATM is a suite of lifestyle products that caters specifically to improve your business’s performance through strategically enhancing your customer service through integration with technology.


  • Custom USBs
    Aside from ordinary custom mugs, we also offer magic mugs; mugs which display your design once a hot liquid is poured into it.


  • Electronic Greeting Cards
    Ordinary greeting cards are a thing of the past! Our electronic greeting cards allow you to display a custom message of your choosing.


  • Personalized Power Banks
    Gift a client or employee with a useful custom power bank that has your company logo on it! Where ever they go, you’ll be sure your company’s logo will be visible.


  • Promotions & Marketing Consultancy
    Not sure what you require for your next corporate giveaway? Talk to one of our dynamic team members to assist you in selecting the best choice for you
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KOYA Lifestyle Products

Technology solutions to help improve your business performance in a day-to-day basis

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KOYA Lifestyle Products

Our most widely-used solution is the KOYATM wireless calling system. This system utilizes a series of wireless connected devices to help streamline workflow and capacity for customer service. The devices include fixed self-powered wireless calling buttons, that are using to request for assistance within your retail floor space or office, and smart watches that are worn by your customer service agents that alert them to specific buttons that have been pressed.

The KOYATM has a number of application in a variety of sectors, including supermarkets, hospitals, retail stores and restaurants. The success stories have proven that our suite of products have increased efficiency, reduced turn-around times and enhanced the customer service experience to your customers.

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