Message from the President

As a technology company in a fast-paced world, we need to ensure we have the skills we need to innovate and meet our customers’ needs. Across many nations today, there are urgent calls for deeper investment in the science, technology, engineering and math skills that will dream up, build, maintain and secure the digital world we now live in. We are working globally with other organizations, governments and NGOs to address this gap.


Company History

E3X Global was incorporated on the 26th August 2010 by Dr. Amila Kankanamge and Ms. Samadhie Bandara, with the vision to provide exemplary mobile content for mobile carriers. The company later evolved to provide mobile VAS platforms, for which they served all telecommunication service providers in Sri Lanka.

In October 2012, E3X Global launched its satellite communications arm to serve newly-emerging market demand for satellite-based communications in the region. By establishing a number of strategic partnerships with numerous global satcom service providers, the company saw tremendous growth within a very short period, and has since maintained a continuous growth. To this date, E3X Global proudly maintains a name as a global leader for satellite services in the region and remains a very important player in the industry.

After establishing a name in the satellite communication industry, under the directive of E3X Global’s in-house Group Chief Creatives Officer (CCO) Chandima Kankanamge, the digital and creatives arm of the company was initiated in December 2013. With the high-quality level of work and exemplary customer services that clients have associated with the E3X Global brand, the digital and creatives arm steadily continues to build a solid portfolio of clients.

After a short period following the incorporation of digital and creatives, in July 2014 Idora was formed. The initiative was setup during Sri Lanka’s economic boom, in order to provide the highest level of professional support to clients driving the era of rapid development that has been taking place in Sri Lanka, enabling strategic management and initiation for large projects in the region.

"What's in a name"

An Energy point, found on the 3rd planet of the solar system, which is yet to be identified or rather an X factor!

Determined to work hard on the theme GO GREEN and to dawn a new era in the mobile world, E3X GLOBAL was formed!!

We stand today as a small plant with a big vision to be that mighty tamarind tree someday and along this path to serve all humans and most of all make our mother earth a greener place for all of us and generations to come…

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