The telecommunication services arm of E3X Group mainly focuses on mobile VAS and Push-to-talk platforms. End-users increasingly demand greater connectivity and hassle-free services on-the-go. Thus, at E3X, we continually look for innovative ways to support enterprise-wide functions of people and organizations by developing cutting-edge technologies to close the gap between the real and virtual worlds.

Telecom solutions mainly rely on signals transmitted via land-based towers, guaranteeing an extensive network coverage that enable clients to make calls to and from almost any location. Thus, telecommunication solutions offer clients a more than adequate and certainly very useful form of everyday communication within various workplace settings.


E3X Global is very proud to present WAVE. E3X Global WAVE is the mobile development and innovation brand name where all targeted mobile developments will take place.


Talkee is a simple wireless connectivity solution presenting a push-to-talk (PTT) concept similar to that of conventional UHF/VHF radios but instead, over cellular network.

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