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E3X Creatives is the Media production arm of E3X Group. Through the years, we have been a reliable company for clients wanting to provide creative advertisements, television/radio programs, animations and video productions. Hence, we will guarantee the most creative productions that will give you an edge from your competitors through TV, radio, and press productions.

We perfectly understand that owning a business today needs a lot of efforts in ensuring that it gets promoted and reputation is well built up. Our expert marketing strategists will show you how to market your products and services in the best possible way while taking advantage of advanced promotional campaigns. It is our specialty to create the best ads and marketing campaigns in order to successfully market your brand to your target audiences with powerful features.

With years of advertising and marketing experience, our successful team has been recognize as most innovative and creative group of people to work with In fact, our client retention has been 100% thus far, as we have always completed projects in a professional and timely manner, that are well-above their expectations.





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