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Satcom Services

As one of the world’s leading sat com solutions with increasing clientele base since 2012, E3X continues to strive for excellence within Asian regions. In fact, you have the opportunity to customize your service package in order to make sure that you have the exact output needed for your specific requirements. Our main goal is actually to support startups and small business with winning innovations to perfectly meet digital as well as voice challenges in mobile and fixed satellite segments.


Our company specializes in creative solutions including mobile satellite platforms that are ideal for maritime, broadcast, logistics, and even in telecommunications agencies worldwide. With our satellite communications, you are also guaranteed to experience only the best in the market in terms of cost efficient solutions perfectly customized to your needs and expectations.

Through our satellite solutions for your technological needs, you get best equipped service with the most innovative features that will surely help you manage your own company in the most comfortable manner. In fact, E3X Global Group has been the number one choice for business owners who simply want to maximize their profitability without the hassles of traditional satellite coverage. Also, we have maritime solutions that perfectly include global communication, distress, fleet broadband, crew welfare, satellite mobile phone service, and GPS tracking. Everything you need, we’ve got you covered!

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