A greater dependence on computer systems and integrated networking has presented today’s armed forces with an array of ever changing set of challenges in cyber defence. Dominance of electronic communications, evolution of social media, extensive access to mobile networked devices and heavy reliance on Big Data has intensified the need for cyber security for the defence sector more than ever before.

Such technological advancement has forced governments and industries to continually develop secure systems that protect them against threats and attacks from the enemy. Consequently, as cyber systems gradually become highly integrated, the need for a robust, multi-layered, adaptive self-learning security system has become an integral part in staying abreast.

We are equipped to provide a comprehensive range of specialist consultancy, training and products within covert surveillance. Our experts possess the capability and breadth of experience in given niche fields to help our clients embrace technological advancements to ensure they are at the forefront of cutting edge technology whilst being armed against cyber-attacks.

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